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Future Continuous

  • “I'll be staying in France!"

This is the future continuous! It is used for something that will be in progress in a time in the future.

I'm going to France soon.

  • Mum said "I'll be sleeping when you get back from the disco!"

We can use it to project ourselves in the future, Mum knows she will be asleep when we get back from the disco.

  • “I expect John will be coming for dinner.”

We can also use the future continuous for predicting or guessing about events in the future.

We had better set another place at the table, as John will most probably be eating with us.

To construct the Future continuous we use the simple future of "to be" together with the verb +"ing":

And nothing out of the ordinary to compose the negative form and questions:

Now it's your turn, can you complete these sentences?

I (read) Macbeth for my exams.

It (snow) when we get to the mountains.

We (make) a cake for his birthday.

You (ride) my bike, I guess.

She (run) fast, if she wants to beat her record.

He (paint) his house when it stops raining.

I (cook, not) dinner tonight. We (go) to go to a restaurant.

He (write) a book about his life.

They (drive) to Paris tonight after work.

he (go) to university in September?

Write your answers in the comments, and if you need any more information, just ask.


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