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Present continuous

  • "I'm running as fast as I can!"

This is the present continuous. It's when we're in the process of doing something - here, it's running.

It is happening now, at this moment.

  • "I'm learning to drive!"

We can also use the present continuous for something that we are doing at this moment in our lives, but not necessarily at this precise moment.

I am in the process of learning to drive, but I'm not actually in the car at the moment.

  • "I'm meeting John at the station at 10pm this evening."

Another way to use the present continuous is when we have planned something in the future. In the sentence there has to be a point of time, or intimation of a time in the future.

To construct the present continuous, we use the verb "to be" in the present form together with the verb + ing.

Nothing out of the ordinary for negative and question constructions. Look:

Now it's your turn, can you complete these sentences?

I (read) Macbeth.

It (snow).

We (make) a cake.

You (ride) my bike.

She (run) fast.

He (paint) his house.

I (cook, not) dinner tonight. We (go) to a restaurant.

He (write) a book about his life.

They (drive) to Paris tonight after work.

he (go) to university in September?

Write your replies in the comments section, and if you need any extra information, just ask.


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